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My name is Stephen P. Karns and I represent people who are incarcerated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in any prison unit in the state of Texas. I have practiced law for over fifteen years as a criminal trial defense and parole lawyer. My practice is 100% devoted to criminal defense and parole matters. I have traveled the state of Texas representing inmates for parole reviews, and I am ready to represent your loved one in that process regardless of the charges for which he or she is incarcerated. If you need an experienced, aggressive parole attorney to assert your rights, I am ready to represent you, whether it is for a parole review or revocation. Call me toll free for a free consultation of your case.

The Texas Board of Pardons & Paroles determines who should be released on parole or discretionary mandatory supervision and under what conditions. It also determines who should be revoked from or continued on an existing term of parole. Simply put, the Board’s main concern when making these determinations is choosing only those who it is convinced will not be a threat to public safety. Suffice it to say that giving someone a “second chance” is not a reason the Board will consider releasing someone to parole or continuing them on an existing parole. As such is the case, you are well-advised to seek out a forceful advocate who will do everything the law allows to try to persuade the Board that you or your loved one is not a threat to public safety and deserves the opportunity of an early supervised release from prison, or deserves to stay out of prison on an existing parole. Give me a call if an experienced, aggressive parole attorney is who you want in your corner!

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